What is Hydrorock?

Hydrorock elements are made from lightweight stonewool, a 100% natural fibre.  

Stonewool is extremely efficient in absorbing and retaining large volumes of water. Due to its open space 3D fibre network, the stonewool elements can retain up to 95% of its volume. Literally made of (basalt) rock and therefore contains all properties of stone: strong, hardly deforms under pressure and completely recyclable. Encased in a membrane of erosion resistant cloth, is it a very strong solution. 

Stone wool – a 100% natural water management solution

Hydrorock’s infiltration stone wool blocks intercept, store and slowly release excess roof water, stormwater and groundwater in an environmentally friendly way. Stone wool is extremely efficient in absorbing and retaining large volumes of water. Due to its open space 3D fibre network, the stone wool blocks can retain up to 95% of its volume.

The stone wool system can be designed in such way that the volume is available again for the next rain shower within 24 hours. This can be done by infiltration, free outflow or a combination of both.

When placed underground, the unique composition of the stone wool withstands erosion from plant and tree roots. The blocks can be wrapped in geotextile fabric that is mould and rot resistant. The blocks’ dense fibre cohesion has a high breaking strength and a load capacity of up to 4000kg/m2, making it suitable for numerous applications varying from gardens to road construction.

Stone Wool 3D Fibre network

Stone Wool 3D Fibre Network

Water Absorption Speed

Water Absorption Speed

Drainage Rate

Drainage Rate

Hydrorock offers an innovative range of natural water management products. It is an affordable, easy to install, eco-friendly solution suitable for domestic use through to large precinct scale applications. Hydrorock’s infiltration products are made from lightweight stone wool, a 100% natural fiber. The blocks are placed underground to intercept, store and slowly release excess roofwater, stormwater and groundwater. It improves drainage, helps prevent flooding and reduces water wastage.

The smart, eco-friendly water management solution

About Hydrorock

Hydrorock Australia is the licensed distributor of the Hydrorock range of sustainable water management products in Australia and New Zealand. The Hydrorock product range is manufactured in the Netherlands using stone wool as the base material; sustainably produced by ROCKWOOL. There are currently no other sustainable water management products in Australia or New Zealand known to use stone wool as the base material.

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