Who is Atmos Blue?

ATMOS BLUE is an Australian company based in Brisbane, Queensland, with office representatives around Australia, New Zealand and southeast Asia. 

ATMOS BLUE distributes different ranges of Swiss Produced Air-to-Water machines and technology specifically developed for extracting water from the humidity in the air. The Air to Water machines come in different sizes and can produce per day 250 till 10000 liters of fresh water.

Hydrorock diagram

The Air to Water machine is an integrated system capable of producing high quality drinking water, demineralised water for industrial use and water for agriculture and related applications. A by-product of the integrated system is thermal energy that can be utilized for heating, ventilation, cooling, conditioning and de-humidification purposes.

The machines can be operated from several power sources, from conventional grid power and diesel or gas generators, to renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power ATMOS BLUE can offer customized solutions based on a customer’s specific needs and requirements.

Together, Atmos Blue and Hydrorock are taking water irrigation to the next level.

Two Australian companies that are revolutionizing the way water is created, stored and used. Their solutions can be used independently, but when used together, they deliver an eco-friendly and cost-effective water management solution to can be used for multiple applications. Irrigate nurseries (palm trees, or date farms), sporting fields, greenhouses and green spaces.

What happens when you use state-of-the-art technology to create and manage water in the hottest, driest most desolate environments on Earth? Well…. a whole new world of opportunities emerge.

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