Meeting the water challenges of today and tomorrow.

Water patterns are changing. Extreme weather events, rising temperatures, cyclones and heavy rainfall are becoming more frequent. Damage by excess water is a significant challenge for councils, insurers, urban designers, engineers and property owners.

Hydrorock’s innovative and sustainable water management products help protect people, property, infrastructure and the environment from the impacts of excess water.

Urbanisation and the water cycle.

With more streets, parks, gardens are being paved or surfaced, rainwater can no longer drain into the soil and mostly disappear in the stormwater system. However, most stormwater systems are not designed to handle extreme rainfall, resulting in flooded streets and other nuisance for residents and traffic. Replacing or even upgrading storm water systems is an expensive and intensive process. It is cheaper and much better to capture the surplus of relatively clean rainwater and to gradually allow it to infiltrate the soil. Many (urban) areas in Australia suffer from a lack of water. It is a waste to drain the relatively clean rainwater away through the stormwater system. With Hydrorock stonewool solutions, the collected rainwater can gradually seep into the soil, allowing the water balance to be slowly restored.
Passive irrigation: keep the water where you need it the most.

A Sponge City = A Green City = A Cool City = A Livable City

A sponge city is a city that is designed to passively absorb and use rainfall in an ecological friendly way. Solutions like; rooftop gardens, green and blue, rainwater harvesting, and storm water management can reduce the frequency and severity of floods, improve the water quality, and allow cities to use less water per person. Associated strategies as green cities can improve air quality, reduce urban heat islands, and therefore improve the quality of life.

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