About us

Hydrorock Australia - family photo - Sunshine Coast

Marco van Velzen &
Anita Weerheim

Marco van Velzen and Anita Weerheim are the proud co-founders of Hydrorock Australia. Hydrorock Australia launched in 2016 to provide an innovative range of natural water management products in Australia. For Marco and Anita, raising three boys, they know just how important it is to provide sustainable, natural, but economically viable solutions to households and businesses. Hydrorock’s range is affordable, easy to install, and eco-friendly, suitable for domestic use and large-scale applications.

Marco and Anita migrated to Australia in 2014. Their sense of adventure, the love of travel & camping, and the opportunity to work around the globe lead them to Australia. Settling in the Sunshine Coast was an easy transition. The boys love the school, local activities and knowing their next outdoor adventures can start in their very own backyard. The family have embraced kayaking, surfing, rugby union and water polo.

Since 1989, Marco has been building greenhouse foundations around the globe, including Australia (since 2004). In 2014, Marco established Velco Holland Overseas. An Australian-based company to meet the growing demand for Greenhouses. Marco, a self-proclaimed pioneer, observed the need for a greener water management solution. A family friend, introduced Marco to the innovative solutions, being developed in the Netherlands by Hydrorock International, manufactured by Rockwool. Marco, with his wealth of experience in the green industry, knew these solutions were perfect for the Australian climate, drought and flooding rains. Marco, with his partner Anita, launched Hydrorock in 2016. Anita has a degree in Commercial Economics and a wealth of experience as a project manager, and account manager – a magical combination!

Over the last four years, Marco and Anita have collaborated with consulting firms, local councils and Universities. The collaborations include joint research studies into the efficacy of Hydrorock’s sustainable water management solution with amazing results. The research papers to be published later in 2020.

The growth of Hydrorock Australia has enabled Marco and Anita to meet and work with truly inspiring individuals across multiple industries. They enjoy combining forces with other institutions to offer a turnkey solution for passive irrigation. Key projects include nurseries, street trees, blue/green roofs and sustainable drainage. 

If you would like to learn more, please reach out to Marco and Anita. They will take the time to understand your needs, to provide quality recommendations on green water management solutions. Simply complete the below enquiry form, and they will reach out to you to organise an appointment at a time that suits you best.