Hydrorock accessories

Grates And Filters

For linear drainage

Application: pavement and gardens (Without connection to sewage system).

New design!
The channels are also available in graphite black.

*) SS = Stainless Steel, GS = Galvanized Steel, GB = Graphite Black

Sand Trap/Surface Water Drain With Leaf Separator

For rainwater separator and infiltration system

Application: sand trap with built in leaf separator in order to rid water of sand, leaves and other dirt particles. By means of attaching a connector piece directly to the BD blocks (Easy Click system). Also available as water drain for terraces. The sand trap has either a galvanized or stainless steel grate.

Easy to clean
Cleaning is made easy and quick with the corresponding filter bag.

*) SS = Stainless Steel, GS = Galvanized Steel


For connecting to BD units.

Application: Easy Click connection to BD units.

Easy Gravel Split

Easy Gravel split plate

Improve pressure distribution

Application: perfect for placing on the blocks when situated under gravel or split for driveways and parking lots. The split plates distribute pressure, provide stability and prevent rutting.