Sustainable Drainage System

Product Name – Type D


Sustainable Drainage System with Integrated Ag-Pipe

Product Name – Type BD



For guaranteeing the lifespan and effectiveness

Simple, versatile and easy to install

Hydrorock’s infiltration products can be used in large and small settings, around residential homes, commercial developments, roof gardens, parks, gardens, sporting fields and in construction.

The stone wool products are available in various shapes and sizes, including tiles suitable for shallow applications such as sporting fields and green roofs. They can easily be connected to manage small to large volumes of water, and each unit or tile can hold between 22 to 440 liters of water.

Depending on the application, units are placed either on top of each other or beside one another to form the required buffering, drainage or infiltration solution. When managing large volumes of water, units with integrated piping can be used to direct excess water straight into the storm water system.

Digging narrow trenches is sufficient for installation, which minimizes excavation work and lowers the cost of removing surplus soil.

Stone wool is incredibly lightweight, making the units easy to install by one person. The units can easily be cut-to-size (on site once delivered) or custom ordered.

Stainless steel drainage grates, filters and sand traps with leaf separators are also available.

Stone Wool Tiles places beneath sports fields

Stone Wool Tiles placed beneath sports fields

9 x D170 Blocks managing 1530L of water

9 x D170 stone wool units managing 1530L of water

Manage your water and utilize space at the same time

The results speak for themselves...